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The international Small Boutique Fashion Week team is in search for eager potential fashion proffessionals looking to take their career and skills to the next level. Are you interested in furthering your career and gaining experience that can lead to a paid travel position with the Small Boutique Fashion Week World Tour Company? Apply today to join our team for a number of positions that will allow you to work from home as well as in person for our highly anticipated events. 

SBFW is fashion's top event for indie brands and tours the world producing upscale pop up shops & runway shows. Featured in Forbes, Fox Business Network and the Today Show, SBFW continues to provide a safe space for emerging and established designers looking to get their start by selling to small boutiques.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours/work hours?
The total work hours will vary weekly & from task to task but will not exceed 5-15 hours per week for interns.

Can I receive credit for school?
Yes! all interns can receive credit for their SBFW internship experience. 

What will my job consist of?
Participants will gain experience in
  • Fashion PR
  • International marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Event planning
  • Model Casting
  • Model Processing & Selection
  • Sponsorship 
  • Celebrity styling                                       
  • Back stage coordination 
  • Strategic planning
How Long Is the SBFW Internship? 
The SBFW internship program lasts about 3 months. 

How will I receive my tasks & when do they need to be completed?
Your tasks will be sent to you weekly via email or even text. Tasks will be distributed every Monday- Tuesday and will have a due date of the end of the week or early next week. 

What happens after my internship ends?
After you have completed your internship, based off of your performance you will be offered a paid position with Small Boutique Fashion Week. 

How will my performance be evaluated?
Your SBFW performance will be evaluated by your ability to properly execute tasks & meet deadlines for submission. The SBFW Internship program consists of 3 gradual tiers

Does my location matter?
SBFW is accepting applications from all over the US & abroad for online and in person auditions. 

If I have questions who do I contact? 
please email or text or call 646-481-5593

Can I use SBFW as an employment reference?
Of course!

Who is best for this position?
SBFW is looking for someone who is open minded and is serious about a career in fashion and or event planning. The perfect applicant will be someone who can meet deadlines, is not afraid to ask questions and can work independently. The best candidate is someone who is a self starter, starts early, and pays attention to details. 

What are some hidden perks of working for SBFW?
Attend fashion shows internationally and network with models and designers. Perfect for merchandisers, future buyers, stylists or over all entrepreneurs to gain experience and network. 

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